Early Signing Period Special

December 21, 2017

It was a massive day in college football, as yesterday, starting at 6AM CST, recruits were officially allowed to end their recruitments and send their letters of intent to their respective schools. It was the first of its kind, and served as a bit of a finish line for what has been an absolutely chaotic month of recruiting, in an absolutely chaotic recruiting cycle. This episode, we're joined by friend of the pod and recruiting enthusiast Taylor Midkiff, as we talk about everything that happened on day one, from commitments, big signings, surprises, and everything else.

As usual, we have some takes to fire off, and we spend a very long time ranking the classes, talking about impact freshmen, and raving about Baylor and Iowa State, among others. It was a super fun podcast to record, and there's a ton of great content in there, so make sure to give it a listen if you're into recruiting, or the Big 12, or just football in general.

We had a bit of technical difficulties around the hour mark, and lost Taylor for a couple of minutes, which you will hear us allude to, but it's nothing a little editing can't clean up. We'll be back next week with a new pod, though with the Holidays approaching, I'm (this is Patrick writing) super sure how available everyone will be, but at the least I'll get a solo episode out for y'all to enjoy, maybe on your drive back from visiting with family. We won't be back until probably the 28th, so from all of us here at The Official Visit, we wish you a happy, and refreshing Holiday season, hopefully spent with loved ones, maybe with a bowl game on the TV.

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