Please Bring The Option To Kansas

November 11, 2017

It wasn't just a big week on the field in college football, as plenty has happened off the field as well since we last spoke. Co-hosts Patrick Mayhorn and Jay Jordan are back to talk recruiting, coaching, playoffs, excitement for today's slate of games, Lane Kiffin, and much, much more.

In this week's episode (sorry about the week off, I promise we'll do better), Jay and Patrick take a look at the new opening at Florida, four recent commitments, a decommitment, Oklahoma centric twitter drama, the success of young coaches. They also look at some decommits around the country, at Florida and Nebraska that could help the Big 12, and spend some time reassuring Baylor fans that Matt Rhule has four years to fix the program.

While Matt Rhule is secure, Kliff Kingsbury and David Beaty absolutely aren't, so Jay and Patrick rattle off some coaches the schools should hire, profess their love for the triple option, and find a perfect fit for Kansas State.

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Your Big 12 Recruiting Podcast

October 26, 2017

Welcome to the introductory episode of "The Official Visit" a brand new LandGrant Gauntlet podcast, led by co-hosts and LandGrant Gauntlet contributors Patrick Mayhorn and Jay Jordan. Patrick and Jay take a unique look at the games played off the field in college football, diving deep into topics like recruiting, team-building, coaching, and everything that goes into the final product you see on Saturdays.

In this pilot episode, we take a look at recent Big 12 commitments Blaine Scott, D'Shawn Jamison, Israel Antwine, Michael Rose and TJ Banks, as well as some decommitments, like Clayton Tune, TJ Ivy, Dominick Wood-Anderson, Christian Young and Myron Mitchell.

With the recent decommitment of quarterback Clayton Tune in mind, we take a look at what Kansas could've had in their 2018 class, the impact on the field performance has on recruiting, and the continuity issues that may ultimately lead to a new head coach in Lawrence next season. On the opposite end of the rebuilding process, we talk in-depth about Jay's alma mater, Iowa State, and why Matt Campbell has had early success. With rumors swirling about the possibility of Campbell departing after this season, we address the possibility, and explain why we feel Iowa State fans don't need to be concerned... yet. Also, Patrick realizes that Matt Campbell could become like Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia and spends an hour after the episode ends looking for connections like Charlie Day in "It's Always Sunny"

We finish up the episode with a quick look at what big name (mainly SEC) program struggling means for the Big 12, and the success school outside of the usual Big 12 recruiting footprint (the state of Texas) have already begun having in states like Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

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